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Helping Businesses At All Stages

Forming a business is one of the most important parts of owning and operating a business. There are many decisions to be made and many pitfalls to be avoided. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a lawyer is only someone to call when things go wrong. Windrose Law Center PLC will help you avoid those issues in the first place.

We can help you put protections in place for how your business is managed and controlled, as well as what happens to your business in the event that it needs to be dissolved or sold, or if one of the owners becomes unable to take part in business decisions due to death or incapacity.

We Are Here To Be A Guiding Hand

Whether you need help forming your business, creating policies and procedures or protecting your personal assets from a business creditor, we will be there for you offering solutions and explanations in a clear, easy to understand manner. We will help you craft and implement strategies to minimize risk and comply with the law. We will guide you on employee issues such as terminations, severances, employee manuals and handbooks.

We offer training for your employees on best practices for handling personnel, including issues related to discrimination. We also offer assistance with contract formation and review so that you are protected. If you are buying or selling a business, adding new members, or making any changes, we will be there to guide you on the best steps.

Our services include:

  • Business structures
  • Nonprofits – 501(c)(3)
  • Annual reports
  • Operating agreements
  • Articles of organization
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Business licensing
  • Agreements
  • Contracts

We offer these services to help you protect your finances, minimize risk, and maximize profit. Include our law firm on your journey through your professional life and personal life.

We Can Be Part Of Your Success

The success of your business can depend on the decisions you make during its formation. This is why having a legal team who understands not only business law but also how important your business is to you is important. Windrose Law Center PLC is here to help your business get off the ground while minimizing potential complications. Call 602-857-9386 or email the firm to schedule a consultation.