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What would happen to your family or business if you did not make it home tonight? Windrose Law Center is a boutique law firm committed to helping individuals, families, and businesses answer that question. We provide exceptional services at a reasonable fee. Windrose Law Center is exclusively committed to estate planning/probate and business planning.

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Estate Planning and Probate

We provide you options and help you chart your course of action in protecting your family. We use a variety of tools and help you decide which tools are best for your situation. Whether it is a will, trust, guardianship designation, medical power of attorney, mental health power of attorney, financial power of attorney, living will, gun trust, deed or some combination, we ensure that your loved ones are protected and will be there for you every step of the way. We also assist families after the death of their loved ones with probate and trust administration.

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Business Law

Whether you need help forming your business, creating policies and procedures, or protecting your personal assets from a business creditor, we will be there for you. We will help you craft and implement strategies to minimize risk and comply with the law. We can help you put protections in place for how your business is managed and controlled as well as what happens to your business in the event that it needed to be dissolved, sold, or if one of the owners becomes unable to take part in business decisions due to death or incapacity.

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Our primary goal is to help our clients understand and utilize the legal protections available to them in order to protect their oved ones.


We take the stress out of the law and help you utilize it to protect you.

— Kristin Moye, Managing Attorney


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