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Safeguarding Your Digital Legacy Through Estate Planning

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | Digital Currency, Digital Estate Plan, Identity Theft Protection

In today’s digital age, our lives are intricately woven into the digital realm. From social media accounts to online banking, we leave a significant digital footprint. But what happens to this digital legacy after we’re gone? This blog post explores the often overlooked aspect of estate planning: safeguarding your online presence and ensuring your digital assets are handled appropriately. Let’s dive into the importance of digital estate planning and how it can protect your online life and the memories you’ve created.

Understanding Digital Estate Planning

Digital estate planning involves organizing and managing your digital assets, including email accounts, social media profiles, online subscriptions, cryptocurrency, and more. It also addresses the sentimental value of digital content like photos, videos, and messages.

Why Digital Estate Planning Matters
  • Protecting Personal Memories: Your digital life holds cherished memories. Proper planning ensures that your loved ones can access and preserve these memories, providing them with a sense of connection even after you’re gone.
  • Financial Security: Many people have assets tied to the digital world, such as PayPal accounts, cryptocurrency, or online businesses. Failing to account for these assets in your estate plan could lead to financial complications for your heirs.
  • Preventing Identity Theft: Leaving your digital accounts unattended can make you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud. A digital estate plan helps in closing or transferring accounts, minimizing the risk.
  • Maintaining Online Reputation: Hackers abound on social media. For individuals and entrepreneurs, maintaining a positive online reputation is essential. A digital estate plan ensures that your profiles are protected and managed appropriately, preserving your legacy.
Steps to Create a Digital Estate Plan
  • Take Inventory: Document all your digital assets, including social media accounts, email addresses, financial accounts, and subscriptions.
  • Appoint a Digital Executor: Designate someone you trust to manage your digital assets. Provide them with clear instructions on your preferences regarding each account. 
  • Pro Tip! If you are an Apple user, it is a great idea to add a “Legacy Contact” to your Apple ID to ensure your loved ones can access your account. Apple takes user privacy seriously, and without a Legacy Contact they may require a court order for access. Simply open Settings, tap your name, choose Sign-In & Security, and Set Up Legacy Contact. 
  • Secure Important Information: Store login credentials, PINs, and other necessary information in a secure location. Consider using a password manager for added security. Of course, make sure your loved ones can access them if needed.
  • Specify Your Wishes: Clearly outline what you want to happen to each digital asset. For instance, you might want your Facebook account memorialized or your personal website taken offline.
  • Regularly Update Your Plan: Periodically review and update your digital estate plan, especially after significant life events or changes in your online presence.



Just as you plan for the distribution of your physical assets, it’s equally crucial to plan for your digital legacy. Digital estate planning ensures that your online presence is managed according to your wishes, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. By taking proactive steps today, you can preserve your digital legacy and leave a lasting, positive impact in the digital world.