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From protecting your family to navigating and avoiding probate, our priority is providing friendly legal guidance.

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Your Future Comes First
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The way forward can seem complicated and planning for the unexpected is important. Whether you’re a parent who wants to provide for your children or a retiree who wants to preserve their legacy, appropriately using wills, trusts and other estate planning tools can be difficult.

At Windrose Law Center, our goal is to make the path forward as simple as possible for you. We are a boutique law firm whose attorney, Kristin Moye, is well-respected for her skill and innovation throughout the legal community. She will go through your options without legalese and ensure you feel confident and educated about your decisions.

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In every transaction, we strive to provide client-oriented, convenient service that enhances the lives of our clients. In addition to making ourselves available through virtual visits and phone calls, we are also able to visit many of our clients at office locations. Furthermore, we offer flat fees for our services to enable clients to fit us in their budgets.

We’re proud of our ability to help a wide variety of individuals secure their futures and chart a path forward. Call us at 602-857-9386 to learn more.