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What is an operating agreement and why should your business have one?

What is an operating agreement? An operating agreement, also known as a buy-sell agreement, is a document that tailors the terms of a limited liability company (LLC) to meet the specific needs of its owners. The agreement thus clarifies the internal operations of the LLC according to its members. It also outlines the financial and functional procedures of the business as well as what happens if one member wants to sell their interest to someone else.

What is a beneficiary deed?

A beneficiary deed is a special deed unique to Arizona.  This document is filed with the Recorder's office and places a beneficiary on your home in the event that you pass away.  This important document ensures that the equity in your home gets passed on to your loved...

Beware of DIY estate plans

Be wary of one size fits all legal forms that have not been personalized for you based on a lawyer’s legal advice. It is so very important to make sure that your estate plan is custom tailored for your situation.